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  • The Marine Management Area (MMA) COREMAP II Batam includes the waters of Galang Island, which are spread throughout Abang Island, Galang Baru, and Karas. The declaration of MMA is based on Mayor Decree No. KPTS.114/HK/ VI/2007 (SK Walikota Batam No. KPTS.114/HK/VI/2007) issued on June 4, 2007. The Batam MMA is utilized for sustainable fisheries activities, marine tourism, research, and socio-economic development for community, and the sustainable utilization of other marine resources.

  • Batam is a city surrounded by Singapore and Malaysia on the North, Karimun Regency in the West, Bintan Island in the East, and Daik-Lingga Regency in the South. While MMA is located at Batam, the geographical position is between 104°19’40”-104°18’02” North Latitude and 0°37’43”-0°41’54” East Longitude. According to the Major Decree No. 114 (SK Walikota Batam No. 114), the total MMA area is 66,867 ha, and the area of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and the scorching sand is about 47,500 ha.

  • Access to Marine Protected Area (KKLD) Batam can be reached through air and sea. Through air, can be reached via Batam Hang Nadim International Airport, which serves direct flights from many cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Padang and others. Batam also has four international ports that connect ferry to Singapore and Malaysia. While the get to the MMA area, it would take ± 2 hours by boat or one hour by speedboat.

  • The MMA has a temperature ranging from 20°C - 30°C, with an average precipitation of 190 mm/year. In general, the MMA is affected by drought and rain. In addition, this region is influenced by the four changing monsoon, namely the East monsoon (March-May), South monsoon (June-August), West monsoon (September-November) and North monsoon (December- February).

  • The MMA water has a temperature ranging from 26°C - 28°C, with an average salinity of waters around 28 ppt, and pH ranged from 7.10 to 7.36, while the brightness levels ranging from 2-3 meters.

  • Mangrove ecosystem grows in Galang Baru Island, Abang Besar Island and Abang Kecil Island. The dominating type of mangrove are Rhizophora spp, while other strains contained in the MMA are namely Avicenna marina, Xilocarpus granatum, Rhizopora apiculata, Rhizopora mucronata, Brugueira parvifora, Lumnitzera littorea, Lumnitzera racemosa, Ceriops tagal, Sonneratia alba, Derris trifolta, Hibiscus tiliacus, and Exacaecaria agallocha.
    Coral coverage in the MMA are Acropora coral, the type are: Acropora branching, Acropora encrusting, Acropora submasif, Acropora digitata, Acropora tabular. In addition, non-Acropora corals in the form of coral encrusting, coral branching, coral foliosa, coral massif, coral submasif, coral mushroom, coral meliopora, coral heliopora.
    Reef fish species found in these waters, among others: Pomacentridae, Acanthuridae, Labridae, Holocentridae, Lujanidae, Scolopsidae, Siganidae, Chaetodontidae, Apgontidae, Caesionidae, Pomaconthidae, Scaridae, and Serranidae. While other biota are moluska, crustacea, echinodermata, and polychaeta. In the MMA area there are also several rare wildlife species, namely crocodile, dugongs, dolphins, lizards, turtles, sea eagles, king fisher, sea horses, barking, gong-gong (pearl conch), and clams.

  • Total population in MMA Batam in 2007 was 6,832 inhabitants, which consists of 2,618 people on Galang Baru; 1,609 people in Abang Island, and 2,619 people in Karas.
    In general, people in the MMA community in Batam are ethnic Malays, which are still deep in the influence of indigenous Malay and Islamic culture. Characteristics of the people of Malay are known for their friendly characteristic as Muslim community, and put high value over family, also lives simple and economical. In addition to ethnic Malays, in this region there are also other ethnic groups such as Javanese, Bugis, Flores, Buton, Minang, Batak, and Chinise. While the religion professed by the majority of the population is Muslim around 90%.

  • In 2007, the residents’ livelihood in the area of Batam MMA is dominated with work as fishermen round 1,631 people. The fleet of fishing boats used are commonly called pompong. Pompong owned communities generally have the force of 6-12 PK machine with weights from 0.5 to 1.0 GT. However, there are also fishermen who have a larger fleet of over 24 HP with a weight of 4-8 GT. In the meantime, the fishing gear used is tamban nets, trevally nets, dingkis nets, shrimp nets, kemejan nets, reef nets, fishing pad, fishing reef, tow, bubu, splint, bento, kelong, kelong bilis, kelong dingkis, comek, nyandit, sondong, and trawl.

  • The types of fish catch in the MMA are trout grouper, black grouper, red snapper, white snapper, yellow tail, trevally, mackerel, dingkis, round fish, shrimp, crab, squid, and lobster.

  • Conservation approach in determining the location of the Marine Management Area COREMAP Batam as a Regional Marine Protected Area is based on the high biodiversity of the area and the threats faced. Also, the area needs to be managed with the principles of conservation where community involvement is maintained.

  • Tourist attraction in the region Coremap Batam Marine Management Area as a Regional Marine Protected Area consists of beautiful diving spots and there area can also be developed into fishing object, and other tourist attraction.

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